Comment after the entrance examination – Antonia F.

4 August, 2013

Antonia F., mother of Joana María

City: Alcudia, Baleares (Spain)

University: Lithuanian University of Health Sciences

Year: Comments after the entrance examination held on 07.04.2013

Class: 2013/2014

Good evening,
First of all, I would like to express the satisfaction of the entire family because of the positive result of Joana in the entrance examination for the University of Kaunas. As we had to leave just after knowing the results due to the train schedules, we would like to ask you if you are going to inform us about the next steps to take and the registration deadline at Kaunas University, since, as you know, my daughter also sat the exam for Košice and will do the same for the First University in Prague on the 21. For what we could understand, this week we will also receive the results from Košice, but please correct me if I am wrong.
Furthermore, we would like to thank you for the kind treatment and congratulate you for the good organization. We won’t hesitate to recommend your organization to those students who would like to study Medicine in Europe.
Best Regards,
Antonia F.