Lithuanian University of Health Sciences – Carla S.

2 January, 2013

Carla Sánchez

City: Valencia, Spain.

University: Lithuanian University of Health Sciences

Year: 1

Class: 2010/2011

The entrance examinations test you on basic concepts and are not difficult if you have studied the subjects in high school. For example, I have never studied Physics and so I wasn’t confident in answering the Physics questions, but I found the Biology and Chemistry questions quite easy. I think the university is great. The credit system is excellent and I also like the fact that classes are made up of small groups of students. The entrance examinations were well organised, although I would have preferred the Power Point presentation to have been in Spanish as my parents don’t speak English. My advice to other candidates is to prepare for the exam, although you won’t need to do too much studying to pass the tests as the questions are basic and are not over-elaborate. And yes, I am definitely going to study in Kaunas.