Comment of a student’s father at Masaryk and Kosice

8 August, 2014

Here you can see a comment of a Comment of a student’s father at Kosice University expressing his gratitude to DEM team. Thank you for sharing!

Dear DEM Team:

I would not like to miss the opportunity to thank you for all your support. You have made your greatest effort to achieve that all the students who took part in the exams could gain admission into any of the universities that you represent. Thank you for the excellent organization.

These three days have been really stressing for the students, and they will still be nervous until getting the results; however, they hope to make their dream of becoming doctors come true very soon.

Now we only need to wait for the results of the exams of Brno and Kosice. On behalf of María and my whole family, we would like once more to express our gratitude for all your support.

Kind Regards

Jesús F.