Comment of a student’s mother on the entrance exams of Masaryk and Kosice

12 August, 2014

Dear DEM Team:

As I have already told you in person during our short meeting in Alicante on the 1st August, the purpose of this email is to THANK YOU once more for all the work you have done!

We would like to tell here our “first impressions”; we are still “starting” to know DEM and maybe our opinion comes too early but, up to now:

–      Email and phone support with your team is highly valuable!

o   You always answer quickly and effectively all our doubts.

o   If we call you and you are not immediately available, you return the call a few minutes after.

o   You are kind, patient and predisposed during all the phone conversations and emails with the students and the “parents” 😉

o   Your information leaflets and announcements are very well-structured and organized.

–      You are “open-minded and receptive” regarding any comment or remark made by students and parents.

–      Just as a “small advice”, I would find positive that you review the Physics’ learning and preparation material that you send to the students.

Up to now we are very pleased with your work; actually, we have already recommended your team to 2 people! J

Thank you again and we keep in touch!