Kaunas University Hospital

Kaunas University Hospital was founded in 1940 by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania and the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. It is now the most modern hospital in the country.

Kaunas University Hospital is the most important medical institution in Lithuania. It is where future doctors receive their training and gain their qualifications. It offers all levels of higher education in Medicine. The hospital employs doctors (who are an important part of the teaching staff at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences), assistants, lecturers and professors.

The main objective of the Hospital:

The main objective of Kaunas University Hospital is to offer accessible, high quality healthcare services to Lithuania, the EU and many other countries through the integration and use of innovative science, the latest technology and high quality research and clinical practice.



Area: 378,749 m2

23 buildigs (135,612 m2)

35 medical departments

4 subsidiary departments

2,421 beds

7,029 employees


Achievements and innovation

The Kaunas University Hospital is the only hospital in Lithuania that performs complicated cardiopulmonary bypass procedures, as well as lung and heart transplants, heart surgery, corneal transplants and kidney operations.

The hospital is constantly striving to gain national recognition for the complex healthcare services it provides. According to recent statistics, the number of open surgeries is decreasing. The hospital has adapted to this trend and offers minimally invasive procedures. In addition, it has also developed advanced interventional radiology and cardiology procedures.

The hospital has state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment facilities and employs specialists in all branches of medicine. Their skills, qualifications, training and work ethic enable the diagnosis and treatment of some of the most complicated diseases.

Brachytherapy, the most advanced method for cancer treatment, has been successfully applied at Kaunas University Hospital.