estudiantes en Stettin

The city of Szczecin, and therefore its university, are very close to the German border and specifically its capital, Berlin, a city full of history, with endless cultural and social opportunities, leisure. Thanks to its good flight connections to different Spanish cities such as Madrid, Barcelona and Alicante, you will be able to fly to Spain whenever you want.

This university has no entrance examination, because the selection of applicants is carried out through a process that not only takes into account the academic qualifications of the applicant, but also the level of motivation and other priorities that students express in his documents.

The diplomas obtained after the course of the studies of medicine and dentistry are recognized throughout the European Union, European Economic Area, US and other countries.

In addition, the PUM has started to use a new, results-oriented learning system, which is called “outcome based learning system”. The learning outcomes of the students are, in this context, considered as the evaluation of required knowledge, the necessary understanding of medical issues and the performance of medical practice. Every student has to master this after the completed learning unit.

As a plus, not only the city of Szczecin, but also the whole country offers endless possibilities to its students. On the one hand, it is full of natural, social and sport activities nationwide, from water sports on the lakes to winter sports in the mountains. On the other hand, iff you’re just interested in moving within the city, you will always find something to do in any of the cultural bars and student centers, as well as in courses and tandems meeting that you can attend here, if you are interested in practising the language.

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