Rodrigo M. – Pavol Jozef Šafárik University

6 October, 2016

Rodrigo - Universidad Pavol Jozef Safarik en KosiceDear team DEM,

Thank you very much for always caring about all your students. You are always there to help us and solve all the doubts we usually have (I am mainly talking about the issues we have had with sport activities and with which you helped us immediately). Therefore, once again I would like to thank you all.

As you know, we have recently started this new adventure in a far-away country. Classes are quite funny thank to the teachers, who try to make them exciting. All my friends are very friendly, and that makes our days here very nice. I am quickly getting used to my life in Kosice, the Faculty and the student’ s dormitory (in which there is a very multi-cultural atmosphere with friendly students coming from all over the world).

For all these reasons, I can say my life here, so far, is awesome! and I am very happy for having started the program of medicine although we are getting more work to do as well as homework. Thank you for all your constant help.

Have a nice day,
Rodrigo M.