Agustín de M. – Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Kosice

9 August, 2016

Dear team DEM:

After one year studying abroad, I would like to send you a small comment regarding my own experience, so it might be useful for other future students.

I would like to thank your team first for the information and advice provided. Thanks to all your information my dream of studying medicine has become true. Now, one year later, I have finished my first year of medicine at the University in Kosice, where I live and study. About the city I can say it is a beautiful city, not very big, which makes it easy to go to one place to another. It is also a safe and welcoming city.


I must say that a new beginning is never easy. Go abroad to study to a place where you don’t know anybody and far from your family can be a challenge. At the beginning it is difficult, but I think it is all a matter of adapting yourself to new situations. As days go by you meet new people, make new friends, from Spain and from other countries, and that makes the whole experience a very pleasant one.

Something that really worried me at the beginning was the university, the difficulty of the degree, the new language, etc. But as I said before, it is all a matter of adapting. After the first days I just forgot these fears.

After one year in Kosice I can say that I have gone through great experiences, I have good memories and I feel happy to study medicine at the Pavol Joszef Safarik University in Kosice. Summer flies, and I will be back to Kosice soon to start full of energy my second year of university.

I hope you enjoy this short comment about my experience in Kosice.

Kind regards,

Agustín de M.