Study medicine in Latvia

Latvia is located in Northern Europe and is part of the Baltic States, which are called like that as they are located at the shores of the Baltic Sea. The huge forests and fascinating beaches are the best attraction for foreign tourists who have found in Latvia an alternative option to the overcrowded cities in Western Europe.

If you are interested in studying Medicine in Latvia you will not only have the opportunity to take the best study programmes which will allow you to practice your profession where you want, but it will be also worthwhile regarding the cultural part: the rich Latvian culture has a long music and dance tradition; its cookery is varied and tasty with traditional meals for all tastes; its history includes conquests, wars, freedom movements and many other key moments which make Latvia a very interesting and fascinating country.

Although the quality of life in Latvia is similar to any other western country, you will pay less for most of the products and basic services. Moreover, Latvia has adopted the euro as its official currency, so visitors coming from the European Union do not need to exchange the currency.

Studying Medicine in Latvia has only advantages. Why do not try it for yourself?

Universities in Latvia

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