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Degree: Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy
Location: Riga, Latvia
Admission process: No entrance examination
Recognition: Adjustment to Bologna Process and European Credit Transfer System


Medicine: If you want to gain a medical degree in Latvia, the Faculty of Medicine at Riga Stradins University offers students the opportunity to study a professional degree programme under the supervision of excellent professors from Latvia and abroad. We receive excellent feedback on the programme from our students. Duration: 6 years. Start date: 1st September or 1st February.

Dentistry: The Faculty of Dentistry offers excellent modern facilities, materials and interactive technology. In this degree programme, students are able to train as dentists through innovative learning processes. Duration: 5 years. Start date: 1st September or 1st February.

Pharmacy: The pharmaceutical degree programme provides students with the necessary knowledge to compete in the labour market. Duration: 5 years. Start date: 1st September.

Nursing: The nursing programme has been designed to provide students with the necessary skills and qualities to successfully compete in the labour market. Duration: 4 years. Start date: 1st September.

Physiotherapy: This programme has been designed to promote the development of the rehabilitation system, producing qualified physiotherapists who are able to provide answers to current public health needs. Duration: 4 years. Start date: 1st September.

Occupational Therapy: This is a fascinating and rapidly changing field. Occupational therapy prevents and treats physical and mental disorders that affect a person’s ability to perform everyday tasks. Duration: 4 years.


The Faculty of Medicine at Riga Stradins University is located in the city of Riga. Riga is the capital of Latvia and is the largest city in the Baltic states. Its population of 700,000 makes it one of the most populated cities in Northern Europe. It has its own international airport with direct flights to Spain. You can also fly to Riga via other major European airports. The city boasts a remarkable collection of “Art Nouveau” architecture, making Riga an interesting place to visit.


Being admitted into the Faculty of Medicine at Riga Stradins University depends on an assessment of the candidate’s application. All of the candidate’s documentation is reviewed by a University Committee. Given that there is no entrance examination, it is important to follow our instructions as the application needs to be presented in a particular way. With our advice and experience, your application will give you a good chance of being admitted into the university.

Ask us for more information: info@donde-estudiar-medicina.es or call us at +34 628857477


The degree programmes at Riga Stradins University have been adjusted to the Bologna Process and meet all applicable EU directives on higher education. Riga use the European Credit Transfer System.