ESF PROJECTS 2007 – 2013

Project summary:

  • Activity n.° Improving the competencias, qualifications and skills of healthcare professionals..
  • Sub-activity n.° Support for medical degrees.


ERAF PROJECTS 2007 – 2013

Project summary:

  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation programme, sub-activity n.° Points of Contact for Technology Transfer.


European Union Leonardo da Vinci Programme

  • Staff mobility and exchange programme between the university’s Faculty of Dentistry and the Institute of Clinical Dentistry at the University of Tromso.
  • Preparation of the visit of the university’s academic staff taking part in the exchange programme at the University of Tromso.
  • Provision of a qualitative research process and improvement of the quality management system.


EEZ / Norwegian Government Grant

  • Research method for the standardisation of semen analysis for the development of normalisation procedures for sperm use in Latvia.
  • Development of the project “Development of Medical Technology and Innovation Centre”.
  • Development of the project “Development of Environmental Modelling Centre of Riga Stradins University”.


Other Projects

  • Development of the project “Nordic Profile: The image of Nordic countries in the Latvian print media from the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 21st Century”.