About DEM

Donde Estudiar Medicina began its adventure in 2001, with the objective of offering a high quality alternative to those who have always dreamt of studying Medicine. Getting in to medical school, is extremely difficult given the high grades required for entry.

We truly believe that these Faculties offer the ideal framework for studying a medical degree. They have all the facilities you could hope for and their high quality degree programmes – taught in English – focus on the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the real world.

Over the years, we have grown as an organisation and we are now able to offer 23 Faculties of Medicine in different European Universities. We have also broadened our scope to include other health-related degrees such as Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy. Our extensive experience has allowed us to build a large contact network of academic institutions and public health organisations. It is through this contact network that we are also able to provide students with the opportunity to study different medical specialities in a number of European countries as well as offering job vacancies with excellent working conditions to healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses, specialists…) who want to pursue a professional career in Europe.

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      The current objective of Donde Estudiar Medicina is to provide valuable advice to students and manage the whole process of studying medicine abroad – from being accepted on to the degree course of your choice, to specialising in the area you are interested in, to helping you find a job in any European country once you have completed your studies.

      Our commitment to the students is to offer them personalised advice on studying a medical degree and to talk them through the option that best suits their needs. Our relationship with the University is a great help in key situations, such as when it comes to being accepted in to the Faculty or not. We will also act as representatives during your graduate and postgraduate studies.

      Our mission with regards to the universities is to promote their high quality degree programmes to students in several countries. All of the Faculties have appointed us as their official representatives in the country and trust us to manage all the necessary processes and procedures.

      Donde Estudiar Medicina is the connecting point between international students and the University, ensuring smooth and efficient communication between both parties.

      What can we offer you?

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        Information and guidance when choosing the academic offer which best suits to you. Our priority is to gain your admission onto the desired degree.

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        Organization and planning of all the entrance examinations held in our country. Thus, we try to set the most appropriate dates for our students.


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        Very high admission rate.

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        Once admitted, we will put you in contact with the rest of the Spanish students who start the academic year at your same time. This will make your adaptation process easier.

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        Guidance in the last two years of your degree with regards to medical specialities. You will be able to study the speciality you wish without sitting any exam.

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        Information and counselling during the entire administrative process once the faculty has been chosen. We will make the greatest effort to manage all the process according to the established, so that no administrative error prevents you from entering the University.

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        We have prepared specific material for you to pass easily any of these tests.

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        Assistance and counselling before and during the settling in the country.

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        Our contact service is always open, both for the students and their familie,s during the entire stay in the country.


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        Counselling when it comes to finding a professional option in Europe. This point can be really interesting, since working and salary conditions in Europe are very attractive.