Why choose to study a medical degree?

If you are reading this, you have probably already decided that you want to study medicine. In fact, you probably made the decision without even knowing it. It is a feeling that has always been deep inside of you, and always will be. Because you have always wanted to help people, because you cannot imagine doing anything else. Medicine is not just a matter of studying, it is a way of life. It is about understanding and helping others, and showing a real interest in them. It is the one thing that you know will make you happy. Happy for being able to help your patients. Happy for making others happy. Happy for doing what you have always dreamt of doing. Happy knowing that you are doing something important.

You want to study medicine because it is your VOCATION, something you have dreamt of doing all of your life.

But despite knowing that this is what you want to do, you are beset with doubts: Which university should I choose? Do I want to study medicine in Spain? Will my grades be good enough? What options do I have if they are not? Will I have to study another health-related degree, if my grades are not good enough? What will my future look like? Will I have good job prospects? Will I be able to specialize in the area I am interested in?

We would therefore like you to think about the following question.

Why not study Medicine abroad in English?

Asking yourself this question will probably help you to get rid of all your doubts and fears. A medical degree in English is the best option available for you to study what you were born to do.

  • First, let us take a look at the current situation of higher education in Spain. Being accepted on to a medical degree at a public university can be extremely difficult given the high grades required for entry, meaning that a lot of Spanish students are left out of medical school. But we can provide you with the opportunity to study medicine regardless of your grades.
  • You are guaranteed a successful career. if you choose to study medicine. The medical profession has the best job prospects compared to other professions, and the demand for medical professionals is very high. Other health-related degrees will never give you the same level of job security as a medical degree.
  • Since the introduction of the Bologna Process, higher education in the European Union has become more compatible and comparable. The Bologna Process also means that you will not encounter any problems with regards to the accreditation of your qualification.
  • The tuition fees of private universities in Spain are very high. But transferring from a private university to a public university is practically impossible, which means that you have no choice but to finish your degree where you started it.
  • At private universities in Spain, you will not study medicine in English, currently the most important language in the world.
  • English language skills will open doors to jobs in any European hospital. Given the current situation in Spain, you may find it much more interesting to work as a doctor in a European country, or even in the United States, where working conditions and salaries are much more attractive.
  • If you are interested in research, you will be able to publish your work in English and attend international conferences. Or you could simply take advantage of ongoing training throughout your professional life. English is the language of the medical profession.
  • You will speak medical English fluently, which means that you will be able to apply for any speciality in any country. If you choose to live and work in Europe, your speciality will not depend on the results of a particular test – contrary to what happens in Spain, where you have to take the MIR (Médico Interno Residente, Houseman) exam.
  • You will also be able to sit the MIR (Médico Interno Residente, Houseman) exam in Spain if you want to. With your education and training, you should be able to pass this exam without much difficulty.
  • You will live a truly international experience. You will get to know new cultures, meet different people and learn to appreciate other ideas and ways of thinking. In the globalised world we currently live in, different cultures are constantly mixing with one another. Studying abroad will help you to understand this new social situation and to open your mind to new ideas and ways of life. It is an experience that will enable you to grow as a person.
  • It is not all about studying. You will meet new people and combine your studies with a new and exciting social life. It will be an incredible experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.
  • You have always wanted to help people. In the medical profession, you will not only help those suffering with an illness – you will also help their families and friends. Because you will be saving a life, improving someone’s wellbeing or alleviating their pain. Because that person and their loved ones will be grateful to you for the rest of their lives. Can you think of a better way of helping people?
  • These universities provide you with the best possible framework for studying a medical degree: excellent educational systems, outstanding facilities and teaching staff, the opportunity to study a medical degree in English, modern high quality traini, etc.

So, if you have always wanted to study this fascinating degree, why not do so within the best possible framework and with the best career prospects?