Study medicine in Hungary

Hungary has a fascinating history which includes dozens of settlements from different peoples along several centuries. Located in Eastern Europe, Hungary has been considered for centuries as a strategic territory and cultural centre in Europe.

The natural resources of the country and its touristic offer attract more and more tourists: Hungary has the largest system of thermal waters in the world and the biggest lake in Eastern/ Central Europe, apart from huge meadows to stroll and relax. If you love idyllic landscapes and relaxation, Hungary is the right choice for you.

Studying Medicine in Hungary is not only worthwhile to discover other places and enjoy its leisure activities; the university system is one of the most popular in Europe and the quality of its study programmes is fully recognized. The certificates issued are recognized in a wide number of countries (including the EU) so you can choose between many destinations once you complete your studies.

Regarding the economic area, Hungary is a prosperous country whose cost of living has not increased as much as in the Western countries. Here you can maintain a good life quality at a very affordable price in comparison with many European cities.

Studying Medicine in Hungary means professional success; do you need more reasons to take the decision?

Universities in Hungary

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