Study medicine in Hungary

Hungary has a fascinating history which includes dozens of settlements from different peoples along several centuries. Located in Eastern Europe, Hungary has been considered for centuries as a strategic territory and cultural centre in Europe.

The natural resources of the country and its touristic offer attract more and more tourists: Hungary has the largest system of thermal waters in the world and the biggest lake in Eastern/ Central Europe, apart from huge meadows to stroll and relax. If you love idyllic landscapes and relaxation, Hungary is the right choice for you.

Studying Medicine in Hungary is not only worthwhile to discover other places and enjoy its leisure activities; the university system is one of the most popular in Europe and the quality of its study programmes is fully recognized. The certificates issued are recognized in a wide number of countries (including the EU) so you can choose between many destinations once you complete your studies.

Regarding the economic area, Hungary is a prosperous country whose cost of living has not increased as much as in the Western countries. Here you can maintain a good life quality at a very affordable price in comparison with many European cities.

Studying Medicine in Hungary means professional success; do you need more reasons to take the decision?

Universities in Hungary


University of Semmelweis

The biomedical degrees, whose history at the Semmelweis University started more than 230 years ago, are internationally recognized and very demanded. The reason is, that the university enables a more than highly qualified education for its students and has set several objectives for them: on one side, the university wants a successful start into the career of all graduates; on the other side, the students should not only work in the professional work life, but they should also make contributions to their field of speciality. These are the features, which describe the Semmelweis University best.

At the university, tradition and modern technology are connected. The university has created many significant researchers in the past, who have done brilliant works, landmark discoveries and have changed the world of natural sciences. The most important components are experience, knowledge and tradition, as well as commitment, modern technologies and innovation.

The Semmelweis University is one of the most renowned in the world, but at the same time it also has an impressive research viewpoint. This international image is very important for the university; in fact, around one fourth of the students of Semmelweis University come from abroad, which is another sign of its great international spirit.

Degrees: Medicine, dentistry, pharmacy
Location: Budapest (Hungary)
English (or German, if you prefer)
Application process: Admission exam
Recognition: In the USA, the EU and some other countries


University of Szeged

The University of Szeged school of medicine is one of the best and most renowned in Europe. It has a long history and many popular and important scientists have been related to it. An example of this is Alberz Szent-Györgyi, which received the Nobel Prize in 1937 thanks to his medical research.

The three medical schools (medicine, dentistry and pharmacy) comprise one of the best educational establishments in the world. The university is not only highly qualified in all its departments, but it is also internationally-oriented and therefore one of the most popular destinations for students from all over the world.

Degrees: Medicine, dentistry, pharmacy
Location: Szeged, (Hungary)
Language: English
Application process: Admission exam.
Recognition: In the USA, the EU and many other countries.

The SZTE school of medicine is one of the most prestigious and renowned schools in Hungary. The degree can be taken in Hungarian and English and the study period comprises 6 years. Every year, many young people from all over the world want to start their studies here, so there is a high demand. The history of the university, full of tradition, and the 90 years of the SZTE school of medicine make Szeged one of the best study options concerning medical education. The objective of professors and teachers, of the SZTE school of medicine, is to provide students with high quality studies through mediating theoretical and practical knowledge. Although in the first years, theory is very important, practical knowledge will be also introduced from the very beginning. Within these practical lessons, health care plays an important role. For first semester students it is also important to use this knowledge, which they will then be able to apply in their future profession.

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