Study medicine in Poland

Poland has become a junction on geographical, economic and political level, due to its central location in Europe.
Its history began in the 10th century and it was until the 16th century that the country started showing its splendor. Since 2004, Poland is a European Member State.

On the one hand, Poland stands out as a natural place among other countries, thanks to its numerous breathtaking landscapes. In the south, you will be able to enjoy the mountains that cover the horizon. In the center of the country, the famous northern European Plains are the ones, which carve the ground. On the opposite side, you can also relax and enjoy the sandy beaches that lie at the Baltic Sea.

On the other hand, you can also do some watersports at the Masurian Lake, while the Bieszczady mountains region is ideal if you are thinking about going for a long walk and hiking. With its 23 natural parks, Poland will allow you to enter into a different and natural world  full of beauty. In this natural environment, you will always be able to do sports like sailing, climbing, hiking, skiing, horse riding, cycling … You can choose the ones you like.

But in Poland, you will not only feel like you are dreaming because of its landscapes, but also because if you choose Poland, you are also choosing Berlin, since this city, as one of the most important ones around the world, is just 150 km far away from Szczecin. Thus, this option is the perfect one, if you are dreaming of receiving a high quality medical education, while spending your free time traveling around Europe’s main cities. If you study in Stettin, you will not have anything to worry about. You will receive the best teaching and your academic degree will be recognized not only throughout the European Union, but also in many other countries.

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