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Degrees: Medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, psychology
Place: Pécs, Hungary
Application procedure: Admission exam
Recognition: In the USA, the EU and many other countries


Medicine: At the University of Pécs, you can study medicine in English (or even German if you prefer). The studies will last 6 years. The preclinical part of studies will take place directly in the mail building of the school of medicine. In close vicinity to the school of medicine is the university hospital, with 400 beds, in the which the practical lessons will take place during the clinical part of studies. However, more hospitals belong to the main university clinic, which spread across the city. Throught the practice-oriented studies at the University of Pécs, the students will not only be trained to become highly qualified doctors, but they will also be optimally prepared for all facets of being a doctor, a researcher and a lecturer. This study course will open the doors for an international medical career for you.

Dentistry: Studying dentistry at the University of Pécs lasts 5 years. You can choose, if you want to take your studies in English or German, if you can speak German very well. The preclinical and clinical part of your dentistry study course at the University of Pécs will take place in the main building of the dental clinic. It is located in the city center, near to the campus. The clinic is very big and modern and has all the facilities, that you, as a student, might desire. The students of the University of Pécs will get a profound knowledge mediated, will be prepared for the entrance to the professional life and will profit from an interesting and exciting arranged study course with a lot of practice.

Pharmacy: Studying pharmacy at the University of Pécs lasts 5 years. Here you will also have the choice between English or German. The students of the pharmacy study course will not only get a profound knowledge in the fields of biology, chemistry and medicine, but also of the different areas of economy. This will make the entry into the professional life easier, because the students are not only trained to work in pharmacies, hospitals or at university, but also for working in economy and health care.

Psychology: The psychology degree at the University of Pécs provides a profound knowledge base on psychological approaches. In an international environment in the southeast of Hungary the University of Pécs offers the psychology degree in English. It is recognized on international level. The degree lasts 6 semesters, 3 years, and always begins in September. Young academics are offered a bachelor’s degree in an environment, which is culturally very unique. Studying psychology at the University of Pécs means you will receive a broad knowledge base and an outstanding general education. In addition, you will be taught the basics about research activities and how to carry them out. The degree allows you to work in the fields of clinical psychology, counselling, education, forensics, healthcare or industrial psychology. The skills you acquire will enable you to work not only in the field of psychology, but also in a variety of other professions that are closely related to psychology. Often, a bachelor’s degree calls for specialization with a master’s degree or a PhD. However, with the bachelor’s degree you have many options to work in the field of psychology and a variety of universities to choose from, if you want to continue your education.


The city of Pécs has 147, 710 inhabitants and is the fifth largest city in Hungary, located near the Croatian border and the Mecsek mountain range. Being near the capital Budapest is ideal to travel to other European countries as well. The unique history of Pécs is reflected in its rich cultural heritage. This earned Pécs the title of European Capital of Culture 2010.

Application procedure:

if you want to get admission to the University of Pécs, you will have to take an admission exam, which will deal with questions from the field of biology, chemistry and medical English. Beyond that, you will have to pass an interview after the admission exam.


The degree is recognized in the USA, the EU, the European Economic Area and many other countries.