Pécs is the fifth largest city in the country, with 147,719 inhabitants. It is located in the southwest of Hungary, on the Mecsek mountain range, and only about 25 miles away form the Croatian border. Pécs is one of the most interesting cities in Hungary. Its rich historical background can still be easily spotted in the cultural monuments that have nicely been conserved.

This multinational city is the scientific, cultural and economic center of the southwest of Hungary and the largest trade center in the region. Many countries have honorary consulates here, for example, Germany and Austria. The beginnings of Pécs go back to the union of several wine-growing colonies during the Roman times. At that time, the city was known as Sopianae and it was also a Roman administration centre.

Pécs received the UNESCO Cities for Peace Prize in 1998, thanks to its efforts to maintain the culture of minorities and its tolerant and helpful approach to refugees. In 2010, Pécs became a European capital of culture.