Crash course natural science

The crash course in natural sciences of DEM is aimed at all student profiles, so regardless your academic situation you can take part in a programme intended to ease your admission into any of our universities and at the same time to work as a bridge between high school and the first year at the degree in Medicine or Dentistry.

If you finished high school some time ago, if you have not taken the subjects of physics, chemistry or biology in the last years of high school or if you need to review the science subjects and your English, our DEM course is exactly what you need. Indeed, the more you know in these fields, the more opportunities you have to obtain a study place.

In order to receive the best preparation towards our exams, we offer you a three-week programme where you can strengthen your knowledge of the contents taught during high school (biology, chemistry, physics and a basis of mathematics); moreover, the course is taught completely in English, so once you complete it you’ll realise that your command of medical English has improved considerably.

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      If on the contrary you already have a good basis in sciences but you want to practise your medical English and make the change from the high school to the university the smoothest possible, the DEM’s course in natural sciences is also the right solution. Apart from high school contents, our professors will also teach new topics related to anatomy, biochemistry and physiology, which you will take in your first year of Medicine or Dentistry. This enables you to start your degree with much more self-confidence and an academic level above average, which will be reflected in your results.

      The course is taken in small learning groups; this promotes an individualised attention to each student. The academic staff is formed by experienced professors and teachers from our medical faculties; this ensures that all the students can follow the lectures without getting lost and it also provides them with the best basis to start their studies. At the end of the course the students will be given a completion certificate, which the universities will value positively.

      If you want to ensure your academic success, do not hesitate any longer, the DEM’s crash course in natural sciences is what you were looking for!