Medicine: The medical degree programme at Pleven Medical University follows the “Problem Based Learning” approach. This teaching method focuses on solving real medical problems, making the degree programme much more dynamic and realistic. Duration: 6 years. Start date: mid-February.

Nursing: You are guaranteed a long and successful career if you study nursing in English at Pleven Medical University. Duration: 4 years. Start date: February.

Midwifery: Study one of the most popular degrees with the best job prospects. Demand for midwives in Europe is increasing, so this could be the best option for you. Duration: 4 years. Start date: February.


The university is located in the city of Pleven, in northern Bulgaria. With a population of almost 110,000, it is the seventh most populated city in the country. Pleven is only an hour and a half (170 km) away from the capital Sofia and there are good transport connections between both cities. The international train connecting Sofia – Bucharest – Moscow runs through the city of Pleven. The trolleybus, with a 75 km electrical circuit, is the main means of public transport in the city.


Being admitted into Pleven Medical University depends on an assessment of the candidate’s application. All of the candidate’s documentation is reviewed by a University Committee. Remember that, as is the case with all the faculties that do not require students to sit an entrance examination, the sooner you begin the application process, the greater your chances of being admitted into the medical degree programme.

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The degree programmes at Pleven Medical University have been adjusted to the Bologna Process and comply with all applicable EU directives on higher education. The obtained degree is fully recognized by the EU, the USA and by many other countries.