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Degree: Medicine
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Admission process: Entrance examination. Study materials provided.
Recognition: Adjustment to Bologna Process and European Credit Transfer System.
Position in European Universities Ranking: 15th, out of over 500 universities. 81st in World Universities Ranking. Source: Ranking Web of Universities – November 2012.


Medicine: The medical curriculum in English was introduced in 1991/1992 for international students. Over 100 students from different countries have graduated from the faculty since its introduction. The degree programme is based on early contact with patients and a highly personalised relationship between teachers and students. Duration: 6 years. Start date: September.


Prague, capital of Czech Republic. 1,2 million inhabitants. Study medicine in one of the largest capitals in Europe. Prague is amongst the top 20 tourist destinations in the world and the sixth most visited European capital. For many, Prague is the most beautiful city in Europe. As a European capital, there are a number of options for flying to Prague, with and without stopovers in other cities. Prague has countless things to do and places to visit, so you are guaranteed a full university experience. You will always find something to do in the city. It will be a unique experience you will never forget.


Ir order to enter the Third Faculty of Medicine of Charles University, students will have to sit an entrance examination which consists of a multiple-choice test on Chemistry, Biology and either Physics OR Mathematics (the candidate has to choose between Physics and Mathematics). Those who pass the written test will have a non-disqualifying interview with one of the professors. The interview usually deals with motivational-related issues.

Once you register, we will provide you with all the necessary preparation material, including texts, sample exams and solutions.

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It has adjusted to the Bologna Process and uses the European Credit Transfer System.