Study medicine in Lithuania

Lithuania is a Baltic state formed from the separation of the former USSR. Its location makes it a bridge between Central Europe and the Nordic countries thanks to its high-quality transport network.

Despite being a young country, Lithuania has one of the healthiest economies within the European Union; in addition, in 2015 it will enter the Eurozone to adopt the single currency (Euro), which will be more comfortable for foreign tourists.

Studying Medicine in Lithuania means professional prestige. Several studies have pointed out the excellent academic levels of the Lithuanian universities and its superb training offered by its education system at all levels (many Lithuanians speak fluently two foreign languages). This can give you an idea regarding the demanding level and its subsequent worldwide renown.

This fact has not escaped international students’ attention; many of them have already decided to take their studies at any of the Lithuanian universities. From many academic years now, Lithuania is one of the most popular destinations among our DEM applicants.

If you want a complete training in an international atmosphere with the best means and teaching methods, we offer the option which best summaries these requirements: studying medicine in Lithuania.

Universities in Lithuania

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