Study Medicine in Italy


If you study medicine in Italy, you will see that the degree programs are characterized by their especially excellent quality. The courses are practice-oriented and the renowned facilities always work with the newest technology. When you study medicine in Italy, you will get to know another healthcare system. The healthcare system of the region Lombardy, in which the Humanitas University and the Humanitas Research Hospital are located, is one of the leading healthcare systems in Italy. This system focuses on medical innovation and newest surgery technologies. The doctors in Italy are known as excellent experts in their specialist area.

The Lombardy is home to internationally known and recognized facilities and the most important hospitals of Italy. Most of the facilities cooperate with many international institutions. The region is known for its leading centers of excellence in regard to oncology, heart-lung surgery, neurosurgery, robotic surgery, plastic surgery and orthopedics. This is why the Lombardy – and especially Milan – attracts many prestigious and known doctors from all specialist fields.

Each year, countless patients from all over the world – and from Italy – travel to the Lombardy, in order to get treatment. In some medical fields there is a 50% quote of patients that come from another region, often hundreds of kilometers away. The Lombardy has been very successful in creating and maintaining sustainable, future-oriented treatment in a high-class healthcare system.

If you will study medicine in Italy, you will see that the high quality, especially in regard to new technology and equipment, is on the same level as in other countries or is even better.

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