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Degree: Medicine, Dentistry
Location: Riga, Latvia
Admission process: DEM application procedure (no admission test required)
Recognition: Adaptation to Bologna-process, recognized in the EU, the European Economic Area and other countries


Medicine: The medical degree at the University of Latvia lasts six years and is perfectly adapted to the European Union standards. It is a full-time course that can be done completely in English and bringes out, as a result, highly qualified professionals, who will be able to choose one of the different specialization fields of medicine later on. The course focuses on the practical part of the study and the lessons are conducted in relatively small groups. The medical practitioners have the possibility to specialize in the research area, but also in a doctor’s office or in a hospital, after their studies.

Dentistry: The dental degree at the University of Latvia lasts for five years and can be done completely in English. It is a full-time study where students acquire general medical knowledge. At the beginning of their studies, they will learn about all the specific areas related to dentistry. Upon graduation, students will have excellent job opportunities, whether focused on research, in a public dental clinic or in a private doctor’s office. If you want, you can also continue and go on with yout studies to specialize even further.


Riga is the capital of Latvia, with a population of 699,203 inhabitants, considered the biggest city and largest metropolitan area in the Baltic States. It is a city with great history, founded in 1150, whose buildings and architectural structures are the best proof of it. In addition, Riga has been included in the list of the World Heritages by UNESCO in 1997, thanks to the wealth of its historical buildings and monuments.


To enter this university is necessary to pass the DEM application procedure, since no entrance examination is required.


The studies of medicine and dentistry are fully adapted to the Bologna-process and are recognized throughout the European Union, the European Economic Area and other countries.

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