Riga has two universities and therefore many students. This keeps the city young, dynamic and full of vitality.

Language: In Latvia, the official language is Latvian. However, most of the population speaks English at a good level, especially the younger generation, because studies are completely taught in English, from seminars and courses to written tests and oral exams. Therefore, one can improve your level of English by just living there. Since the clinical part of the degree means dealing with patients directly, students will attend a Latvian course at the university. This is also helpful to immerse yourself deep in the culture of the country in which you are going to live, since it will always be a part of you for the rest fo your life.

Mobility: Riga has an international airport with direct flights to other major European airports. From the main Spanish airports it is possible to find a good and cheap connection that will quickly take you to the Latvian capital. Within the city, you will not have any problems to either move within downtown or around, as there are many subways, buses and trains with which you can safely reach every corner of the city.

Accommodation: Since Riga is a large city, there is also a variety of housing options. There you can find all kinds of accommodation with very different prices and offers. But if you do not want to live in an apartment on your own, or in a room in a flat-sharing community, you have the option to live in the student dormitory at the university. The price for a single or double room varies from 130€ to 230€ per month. On every floor, there are several bathrooms and a washing room. Moreover, you have access to free Wi-Fi there. The university is 15 minutes away from the dormitory with public transport.

Leisure: Riga certainly has many recreational activities for everyone, as it is a very dynamic student city, where tourism is growing and broad cultural experiences are possible. There are a lot of bars, restaurants, nightclubs, concert halls, theaters, museums and galleries, that can be explored during the stay in the city. However, the widest range can be found in the historic district. When winter comes and the low temperatures and the cold let the river freeze, you will have the opportunity to enjoy those days for ice-skating outdoors. The city also has beautiful parks, which invite for recreation, going for a walk or go jogging. Besides, there are several festivals and cultural events over the year, which offer much variety, additionally to the permanent facilities.

Life costs: How much money is needed to live in an “average” way in Latvia each month? The amount you need depends on the lifestyle you lead. However, according to our assessment, “average” would be between 400€ to 650€ per month, the same amount that you would need, as if you lived in any city in Spain.

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