In the European Union, there is no centralized accreditation system for all European universities. Therefore, the University of Latvia is accredited nationally by the Ministry of Education and Science, under the agreement and in the presence of international experts.

The University of Latvia renews this validity every six years. In addition, all the study programs are conducted under an educational system in accordance with the EU regulations on regulated professions, such as the degrees of medicine and dentistry.

Secondly, Latvia is an EU member state since 2004, which means, that the agreement for the recognition of qualifications, in the university area in the European region, commonly referred to as the “Lisbon Recognition Convention”, also applies to Latvian universities and thus also to the University of Latvia. Among other things, the key aspect of the Lisbon Recognition Convention is as follows: People, who have acquired a degree in an EU member state, are granted an adequate access to the evaluation of this degree in another EU member state.

One of the main points of the Lisbon Convention is that it states as following: People who have completed their academic studies in one of the EU Member States, will have full recognition and consideration of their diplomas in other Member States of the European region.

In short, the fact that it is a public university in the European region ensures, in accordance with the provisions of the Lisbon Convention, the academic recognition, which has been acquired in the EU or in member states of the European Economic Area. Since the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) is also applied in Latvia, a change of university, to another European university, is possible.

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