Latvia is situated in north-eastern Europe and is bordered by the Baltic Sea to the west. It has language links with Lithuania to the south and historical and economical ties with Estonia to the north.

Para los visitantes, la mejor característica de Letonia es su compactibilidad. Sus 500 km de playas de arena son de fácil acceso desde las ciudades históricas, en las cuales se funde el arte medieval, el arte barroco, así como numerosos edificios de “art nouveau”. For tourists, the best thing about Latvia is that it is so compact. Its 500 km of sandy beaches are easily accessed from historical towns. Its cities combine medieval and baroque architecture with “art nouveau” buildings and host numerous cultural festivals during the summer. The country is famous for its storks, which put their own personal stamp and charm on Latvian cities. Visitors are also able to enjoy a great variety of unspoilt natural landscapes, with fresh air and clean water – perfect for those who love nature. In addition to the historic centre of Riga, Latvia boasts 6 other UNESCO world heritage sites. The country has been a trading centre for 800 years. With so many leisure options to choose from, Latvia is a place to enjoy slowly and at your own pace.
Full name: Republic of Latvia.

Population: 2,245,357 in 2010

Capital: Riga.

Official language: Latvian.

Main religion: Christianity.

Currency: Lats.

Main exports: Transport equipment and machinery, food products and chemical products.

International dialling code: +371

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