Study medicine in Croatia

Croatia is without doubt one of the best destinations to take your university studies. Its idyllic coastline of the Adriatic Sea and its Mediterranean and warm climate will make your stay in this country a complete pleasure. When you visit one of its beaches, you will immediately understand why this country has become one of the most popular summer destinations in the past few years.

Studying Medicine in Croatia will allow you to know the region of Central/Southern Europe and visit countries which are not still overcrowded with tourists, such as Bosnia or Slovenia; although they are not very popular among the average tourist, you will only need to visit these countries once to fall in love with their fascinating landscapes.

Regarding education, the quality of the studies is fully ensured, since all our universities are adapted to the Bologna Process and you will not have any problems in case of asking for a transfer of records. In Croatia you can study to become an excellent health care professional while you experience sensations that you can only feel when you live abroad: meeting people from many countries, improving your English until speaking it fluently and opening your mind towards a culture and lifestyle different from yours.

As you can see, studying Medicine in Croatia only has advantages. Now you only need to discover it for yourself.

Universities in Croatia

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