There are two Student Associations at Pleven Medical University:

  • The Student Union
  • The Bulgarian Association of Medical Students

The Student Union was created as a higher education institution. It is a student organisation and its main objective is to protect the general interest of students.

asociacion de estudiantes

The Association of Medical Students in Pleven is an independent, impartial organisation open to all of the university’s students, regardless of their nationality, gender, ethnic background, religion or sexual orientation. The association is a member of IFMSA (International Federation of Medical Students Associations) and its objective is to improve medical qualifications and increase the social status of medical students. For a long time, the association has been committed to solving major medical problems as well as encouraging and implementing innovations in the healthcare field, with a particular emphasis on students and young healthcare professionals. The association organises a wide range of seminars, conferences and forums. As a member of IFMSA, the association seeks to improve degree programmes, it organises summer internships in foreign countries and participates in a number of research projects.