Pleven lies in northern Bulgaria, two hours from the capital Sofia. With a population of over 135,000, it is the seventh most populated city in the country. Its geographic location makes Pleven an important economic, political and transport centre.

The medical tradition in Pleven means that the city has become an important place for healthcare services. The city’s different hospitals, laboratories and social and health centres provide high quality healthcare. The most important healthcare institutions in Pleven include: the University Hospital, the Hospital for Active Treatment of the Military Medical Academy, the Regional Blood Transfusion Centre and the University Telecommunication Endoscopic Centre for Robotic Surgery.


The city of Pleven is unique for its rich history and traditions as well as for its amazing natural landscapes. The city has a number of options for those who enjoy environmental, cultural and spa tourism and offers a wide range of sport, cultural and leisure activities. The nightlife in Pleven is very lively, with a large number of cafés, pubs and clubs. There are many things to do in Pleven in your free time: theatres, art galleries, cinemas, concert halls, clubs… The city has everything you could possibly need to make the most of your university experience.

Pleven is constantly growing, but always strives to maintain its beauty, charm and relaxed atmosphere. Its people are very friendly and help to make Pleven a great place to live.