The studies at the Semmelweis University are completely recognized in theUSA, the EU, the European Economic Area, as well as in many other countries. The degrees have adapted to the Bologna process. The Semmelweis University is supervised by the Hungarian Ministries of Education and Health, is recognized by the WHO and it is also included in the official list of medical universities. In 2010 the study programs of the university were accredited again, and it was established that the standards and the methods and processes of the university were comparable to those in the USA.

The EU is obliged to recognize all the certificates and official documents from the Semmelweis University, regardless the language of the original document.

The medical degrees at the Semmelweis University entitle the students to take part in the USMLE Tests (United States Medical Licensing Examination), which allows them to work as doctors in the USA. The dentistry graduates can also take part in all the administrative procedures in order to be able to work in the USA.