C. V. Lithuanian University of Health Sciences

15 January, 2018


Kaunas University of MedicineOur daughter is still studying in Kaunas and is now doing her 3rd year.

As parents, we are delighted to see that she is studying what she wanted and we feel that she is completely used to the city and the university.

She is not thinking on transferring to another university since she would like to graduate at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences in Kaunas.

There is no doubt we are talking about a difficult degree and students are required to make a big effort and devote to the studies. However, we believe that the fact of studying abroad doesn´t make it more difficult. It is just the opposite, studying abroad gives the students a better training for their professional future as doctors, and also prepares them to be able to deal with different nationalities, something highly positive.

We would also like to mention your services, that have given our daughter the opportunity to study medicine. We would like to highlight your professionalism and reliability. Thanks to your help, what we thought it was very complicated turned out to be much easier.

C. V.