Degree Start at the Medical University Pleven

3 March, 2014

Instead of following the normal university routine, students are taken on a bus route along the snowy landscape. The Medical University Pleven comes up with all sorts of alternative activities for their students. DEM was with the students at some of them: a visit to a museum about the history of Pleven and Bulgaria.

The introduction week at the MU Pleven is always very exciting. The Welcome Ceremony was held in a large room. DEM’s students were warmly welcomed to the University and met other international students after the Dean’s Office members had introduced themselves and given the students an insight into University life. Apart from the Welcome Ceremony, DEM organised a bowling event for students and parents, so that they could enjoy a night out making new friends in a relaxed environment. We hope everyone will have a smooth start and a fulfilling degree in the years to come.

One more year, Pleven opens its modern facilities in the heart of Bulgaria to international students. If you would like to join them, do not hesitate to contact your DEM advisor and apply for your place! Contact our advisor over the phone +34 628 857 477.