Mirta A.P. – Opinion after her first days in Kaunas

2 March, 2014

Mirta A. P.

City: Vic, Barcelona (Spain)

University: Lithuanian University of Health Sciences

Class: 2013/2014; Opinions after her first days in Kaunas

Date: 07.09.2013

“I highly recommend it! Honestly, I think this has been the best decision I could ever take! I’m in a flat located on the city centre, we were really lucky to find it. Both me and my German apartment mate pay 550 Litas per month. By the way, the fact of living with a student from the same university but from a diffrent country is a great experience, because we can practice English and at the same time help each other with courses or introduce ourselves to the people the other knows.

English has always been my major fear, since I always had a basic level and I was a bit afraid of talking in English. Now with my mate I have got used to talk in English and I am not afraid anymore! I must admit, however, that sometimes at the lectures I get a little bit nervous, since the other non-Spanish students speak better English than us. But on the other hand, people is very kind and will help you with any problems you have.

The Universeity is great, not only because of the professors, but also of the students, who are always helpful to you. During this week and the following, they will show us everything: university rules, the Lithuanian culture, the library, how to cope with stress… that is, everything we need to start our lectures off on the right foot!

I’ll keep you informed,