OM. R. L. – Medical University of Bialystok

20 December, 2017

Dear Team,

thank you for emailing us and for your interest.

I am O., the mother of I.C. who is studying in Bialystok.

Everything is going very well so far. They study for many hours and have many lessons, but I. has perfectly adjusted to university life.

I have travelled many times to Bialystok and my feeling is that the atmosphere of the group is very nice and they are all very interested and highly motivated to study and pass the exams.

Although the city is small, it offers all the services they need, prices are lower than in Spain and their daily life is usually quite easy. It is cold, but the heating works perfectly everywhere.

Our impression is better than expected.

She is making a big effort so when she gets the required credits she can transfer to Spain; but that will be a further step.

Happy Christmas to all of you.

OM. R. L.