During your time in Palacky, you will be able to get by in your day-to-day life by speaking English.

English is the language used throughout the degree programme – classes, exams and study materials are all in English. Your results will never depend on your ability to speak Czech.

After your first year, you will take a Czech course for beginners in order to achieve a basic knowledge of the language, as you will need it during your internships at the hospital.  However, we would like to stress that the official language of the degree programme is English.



You can arrive to Olomouc through the international airport of Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. Once you are in Prague, you can travel by train to Olomouc which takes about 3 hours. There are some direct flights to Prague from the following Spanish cities: Madrid and Barcelona.



The first year students can live in one of the 12 halls of residence that the university offers. They are fully equipped and most of them are located in the Envelopa area (near the city centre) and in the Neredin campus (located about 10 minutes from the city centre).

There is also the possibility of living outside the university campus. The prices for a private apartment in Olomouc are around 300-350 EUR per month.

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Places of interest:

Holy Trinity Column, UNESCO World Heritage.

With its 32 metres high, it is located on the main square of Olomouc. It is one of the best art pieces of central European baroque sculpture. The Holy Trinity Column and the Marian Plague Column, together with six baroque fountains, are a proof of the unique personality of this city.

Olomouc castle- Historic place.

The castle is located on the Wenceslas Hill. This name is due to King Wenceslas III, who was murdered in this castle in 1306, being the last member of the royal family of Czech origin known as the Premyslids.

Astronomical clock – A rarity of socialist realism.

The famous astronomical clock is placed on the wall of the Renaissance town hall. It was originally built in  Gotic style.  At 12 hours, the small figures of workers, peasants and intellectuals start to move at the same time than the bells start to ring. The tower, of 75 m high, is opened for the  public during guided tours.

TVARÜZKY- Gastronomic experience not only for gourmets.

The famous low-fat cheese made in Lostice, a village near Olomouc, where we can visit the Tvarüzky cheese museum.

Flora Olomouc- A flourishing metropolis.

Thousand of visitors arrive to Olomouc three times a year to admire the magic traditional flowers exposition. Even at the end of it, you can see the city’s green parks, founded in the 19th Century, opposite the old city walls. Nodaways, the parks are all over the city and they offer you the opportunity to relax and to enjoy the wonderful sights of the walls.