Pavol Josef Safaryk University

24 February, 2017

Good evening,

I am the mother of one of your students.

The experience is being amazing in all angles: language, friends, the medicine degree.

From the beginning, she has felt supported in the university residence where she is living because there are a lot of Spanish students and they stick together. It is logical that sometimes she misses Spain. However, the truth is that she is very happy despite the severe cold and different customs, meals…

She has had the chance to travel to different cities like Prague, Budapest and Bratislava. Therefore, culturally, it is being an enriching experience.

The degree is not an easy one. She is studying a lot, but she passed successfully the first term, so she will pass to the second term with no pending subjects. Concerning the teaching staff, there are some good teachers and others who aren’t that good, like in other universities I guess.

She is very happy and convinced that this is the degree that she was looking for. For her, it was a hard decision to flow the nest and go to such a different country, but nowadays she is convinced that Kosice is her place and she is delighted with that.