The University of Pavol Jozef Šafárik was founded in 1959 in the city of Košice, Slovak Republic. The University has 4 Faculties – Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Sciences, Faculty of Law and Faculty of Public Administration – and over 5,700 students. The university has 1,250 members of staff, 500 of which are teachers and 95 are research staff.

The University has been offering degree programmes in English for over 15 years, with more than 600 international students graduating from the university in this period.

The University cooperates with other universities and European institutions in cities such as Prague, Paris, Nantes, Bordeaux, Padua, Essen, Düsseldorf, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Zurich, Salamanca and Krakow. It also has ERASMUS agreements with a number of universities, including the Faculties of Medicine of the University of Salamanca, the University of Málaga and the University of Miguel Hernández in Alicante.

As a state University, the Faculty of Medicine falls under the remit of the Ministry of Education and is accredited by both the Government of the Slovak Republic and the European Union.

The Faculty of Medicine provides students with a broad general medical education, producing doctors and surgeons that are capable of providing professional medical assistance relating to preventive aspects of medicine. Moral ethical aspects in the education of personality are presented in the spirit of the Hippocratic oath and are included in the study programme. The faculty’s vocational training is based on the latest knowledge in medical science and practical lessons. Students acquire specialist knowledge in theoretical, pre-clinical and clinical subjects through lectures, seminars, conferences, rotations and consultations. The Faculty of Medicine is divided into 57 institutes and centres and has a number of important partners, including the Faculty Hospital of L. Pasteur in Košice and six other medical facilities, offering students the chance to put their skills into practice and gain valuable work experience.