Registration ceremony for DEM students of the First Faculty of Medicine of Charles University in Prague

31 October, 2013

A big and old room, organ music, young smiling ladies and gentlemen dressed in dresses and suits and the appearance of more than 40 professors, deans and vice-chancellors of one of the oldest and most traditional universities in Europe ending with the singing of the Czech national anthem. This ceremony is so traditional as the University itself, the oldest Czech University, founded in 1348 by the King Charles IV. All those who start their studies at this university, whether in Medicine or Dentistry, will be able to live this unique moment in which they take the Hippocratic Oath.

DEM has been with our students for this special occasion and we are pleased of such a successful beginning of semester.

You too can study at the First Faculty of Charles University in Prague. What do you have to do? Contact your DEM study advisor and we will make your dream of studying Medicine or Dentistry come true.