You are still in time! Ensure your place for studying Medicine – Admission tests for the academic year 2014/15.

31 March, 2014

DEM specially recommends the entrance examinations for the Faculties of Medicine of Kosice, Varna and Masaryk. These will be held on 6 July and on 2 and 3 August in Alicante.

All the candidates who took place in previous calls ensured their admission into at least one faculty. At the moment they are succesfully studying there.

You still have time to take part!

Ask us for information to register on the exams:

Send us an email and we will send you quickly all the information that you need to register on these examinations.

We provide you with all the necessary materials, and in two of the tests you will even receive the questions and answers of the exams. You will reach your admission quickly and easily.