Study medicine in english

You have to big passions: English and Medicine. The problem is that you don’t know how to combine them since state Spanish universities do not offer medical programmes in English. In addition, you think that having a good command of a foreign language will enable you to get a good job, not only in Spain but in the rest of Europe. Fortunately, you do not need to search any longer: Donde Estudiar Medicina has the perfect solution to your problem!

The DEM team gives you the opportunity to train yourself in two fields at the same time: medical studies and English language. Our partner universities in Europe have special programmes for international students. Medical studies are fully taught in English except for the subject about the official country language. You will need to have a basic knowledge of this official language in order to make the most of your internship period at the hospitals of the city where you study.

Therefore, studying Medicine in English in one of our European universities will provide you with the necessary knowledge to practice the profession of doctor in any country of the EU. In addition, you will also have acquired an excellent level of English by the end of your studies.

Setting aside personal preferences about languages, everybody knows that nowadays English is the working language in all parts of the world. If you want to have a successful professional career, you need something more than an “intermediate level”. Studying Medicine in English at an European university will not only allow you to practice the language at the lessons. In fact, English will become your main language in order to talk to other students and to use it during your daily life. All our partner universities are located in quite large cities, so most of the people can speak English and you will not need to communicate in the official language of the country.

In order to study medicine in English you only need to meet certain requirements (usually proofs of your English levels and your grades at high school). In some cases, you will need to sit and pass a simple entrance exam. This comprises a series of multiple choice questions on subjects of the Baccalaureate in Health Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, etc.). You don’t need to worry about this, since the exam will only test contents taught during your Baccalaureate. Moreover, the DEM team will send you solved question papers and further preparation material so you can face the test with confidence.

Donde Estudiar Medicina is the official representative of our partner universities, so our experience and the close relationship we hold with them will ensure you the highest possibilities of success.

Once you have been admitted into the university you chose, our team will help you with accommodation issues, handing of documents, practical information about the trip, etc. We will also put you in contact with other Spanish students who will study at the same university.

Do you want to know more about medical studies in English? You can have a look at all the universities we offer in our Universities section. There you will find more information about entrance requirements as well as a general overview of the university and the city.

If you have already taken the decision of studying Medicine in English, don’t wait any longer and contact us so we can explain you the whole procedure. Medical studies in English are waiting for you just around the corner!

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