Universities Riga and Szczecin, more places than you can imagine!

20 March, 2015

It is possible as student, that you do not know, which university you should choose for your studies, because all of them offer a high quality of learning. Because of that, we at DEM want to give you this great news. 

The Pomeranian University of Medicine in Szczecin, Poland and the Latvia University in Riga, offer a great number of places to study.

This year we have increased our university portfolio for our DEM students, consequently we offer a really high number of places for the next academic year to those, who request to study in one of these two universities.

Considering this, your application will have more possibilities than last year to be admitted to one of these two universities. Just deliver your application folder before 10th April and you will start to move towards your future.

Also, none of these universities require an admission exam to be admitted. The admission process from DEM is the only thing you have to pass through.

From DEM we recommended you these two places to study, because we do not need to state explicitly that these two are one of the best universities to start your studies.

If you have decided to apply to the Pomeranian University of Medicine in Szczecin, Poland, you have made a perfect decision. In this university, you will become a great medical professional, thanks to their dedication to educate professionals, who can work in any place as the best skilled doctors, from day one of your graduation. Szczecin is known as an excellent educational city out of all cities in Poland. Thousands of students and professionals come to this city, because in your free time, you can also enjoy the landscape, sports or meeting people.

If there is something that highlights the city, it is the fact that it is very near to Berlin. Every weekend, you can visit the German capital and enjoy the fresh and modern atmosphere in just one and a half hours, because Berlin is only 150km from Szczecin away. What else you can ask for? Apply for these universities and live in an international environment, in a research centre with worldwide recognition, next to the historical and cultural capital of Europe.

The university of Latvia, in Riga will provide you with an individual learning and you are really well cared for, thanks to the small groups of students, and thanks to the long experience as a teaching faculty. From the first year on, you will be practising and during your studies, you can deal with local patients. You will enjoy the World Heritage Site city, with hundreds of possibilities concerning culture, sports and education.

Just submit all the necessary documents that we request before 10th April 2015 and enjoy these two unique universities.

For more information or questions, contact us via email or telephone. We will be glad to help you.

Phone.: +34 628857477

Email: info@donde-estudiar-medicina.es