The official language in Slovakia is Slovak, but you can also speak English in your everyday routine. Many people speak English very well, so there should be no language barriers, until you have mastered the local language. The language of the study course is English so there should be no communication problems.


The Comenius University is located in the city center, so that mobility in Bratislava is not a problem. There are several means of public transportation such as trams, buses and trolleybuses. You can also use a bike in order to get around the city.


For students, who do not like to stay in the university dormitory, it is possible to rent a room or an apartment in the city center or in other parts of Bratislava. DEM will be glad to help you find and apartments and even roommates among our other students for the university.

Sports & Recreation

The university offers several possibilities to do indoor and outdoor sports. There are many courses available like soccer, ice hockey, basketball, handball and volleyball.

Going out/Free time:

Bratislava, as an international university city, provides a range of offers in different fields. There are many restaurants, clubs, bars, shop malls, cinemas and much more. Therefore, there are no boundaries to your leisure activities.