The degrees that are awarded by the Comenius University in Bratislava are Bologna-conform, compatible with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and are being recognized in the European Union, the European Economic Area and in some other countries. With the successful graduation of your studies at the university,  you will get an international degree in medicine or dentistry, which is recognized in the entire European Union.

The curricula of human medicine follow the EU-guidelines for the recognition of occupational qualifications. Professional qualifications can therefore be recognized in the entire EU, when the degree has been acquired in a member state of the EU.

With each successfully completed academic year, you will get 60 Credit Points (ECTS). All in all, you will thus reach 360 ECTS at the end of your 6-year human medicine studies and also 360 ECTS at the end of the 6-year dentistry studies.

Note for the accreditation and recognition of the degree: If you have any doubts regarding the recognition of your degree in your country of origin, the best you can do is contact the responsible authorities or professional associations directly in the concerned country and ask about the conditions for the full recognition of the degree.