Mission of Masaryk University

The mission of Masaryk University is to create and disseminate knowledge, thus enhancing quality of life and fostering cultural growth in the community. This mission is based on the university’s founding principles and values.



Since its foundation, following the creation of the Czechoslovak Republic, Masaryk University has always admired and respected values that reflect republican and democratic principles. To this day, such values constitute the basis of its internal organisational culture and are widely embraced by the academic community.

These values are:

  • Freedom, respected and defended as the university’s governing principle. This principle is reflected in terms of academic freedom in teaching and research, in the freedom given to students to design their own curriculum and in the autonomy granted to the university by the state. The university also defines freedom as a social imperative.
  • Respect for the rules that ensure equal opportunities and transparency in the institution’s processes.
  • Responsibility. This principle reflects the university’s social role, as it is responsible for creating spaces for public opinion and actively participating in the social debate. The university is also aware of its responsibility to act as a mediator and disseminator of knowledge and technology in the community as well as welcoming members of minority communities who often face disadvantages within society. From an internal point of view, the responsibility given to students to design their own curriculum sets the basis for an open and autonomous learning environment.



By 2015, Masaryk University will be:

  • A research university with an internationally respected research programme. An institution with a distinguished profile and state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring its research findings are visible on a European scale.
  • A university offering high quality teaching based on research, in line with current trends in higher education, thereby making it more attractive to students in Central Europe. A university that works hard to live up to its reputation as one of the most prominent universities in Europe, providing its graduates with lasting educational values.
  • A university with attractive employment opportunities on a national and European scale. Its personnel policy seeks to develop the skills of existing staff and to attract highly-skilled professionals, especially from abroad.
  • A university that takes part in international collaboration programmes, both on a European and worldwide scale.