To get admission to the First Faculty University, you have to pass an admission exam. It is a test divided into two parts: a natural sciences test with the subjects biology and chemistry and an interview that is usually about motivational aspects.

We will send you the necessary material and examples of the actual test with which you will be able to prepare yourself properly and pass the test more easily.

Admission Process in the First Faculty

estudiar en europa proceso de admision

The admission test is organized for a small group of students (15-20 participants), so we cannot register you once they are fully booked. Only those registered are allowed to participate.

All students, who pass the exam, will be admitted for the study course of medicine and dentistry.

If you are interested in this specific school of medicine (or dentistry If applicable), the first thing you have to do is contact us. We will evaluate your particular case and your chances of success.

Find the dates of the admission exams and registration deadlines in our “Exams” section.

Get more information about the registration process here, or contact us:


Phone: +34 628 857 477