At the Hunimed Medical School since the faculty facilities are located in the hospital, students are in contact with hospital staff, researchers, scientists and doctors from the beginning of their studies. By this, there will be daily contact with practical experience and the students get to know the daily routine of a clinic and doctor from the beginning on.

The students of the Hunimed Medical School study in an excellent and international atmosphere. Beyond that, the international “Problem-Based-Learning” is applied at the university, which is also very prevalent in the USA. This means that the students are confronted with a certain problem and then actively learn by finding a solution for the problem. Through this active learning style – in small groups – the students are animated to develop critical thinking and profound skills for the problem solution.

Besides the „Problem-Based-Learning“, an “Integrated Curriculum” is applied at the Hunimed Medical School. This means that the teaching and learning is interdisciplinary, in order to create a broad network of knowledge. This knowledge develops and connects itself, so that a broad basic knowledge is created on which more knowledge can be built up.

Annually, more than 40,000 inpatients, more than 2,400,000 outpatients and approx. 55,000 emergency room patients are treated in the hospital. The hospital has 727 beds – divided into the different departments – and 36 operating theaters available. All in all 2,000 professionals work at the university, the hospital and the Hunimed Medical School. The hospital is equipped with the newest technology and is considered to be one of the most modern hospitals – in regard to technology – throughout Europe.