The Humanitas University – also named “Hunimed” – is an Italian private university for studying medicine. The university is located directly in the facilities of the Humanitas Research Hospital. The clinic offers high-class facilities and state of the art research. Beyond that, the university and the hospital teach with new and innovative teaching methods. It is the goal of the university to train internationally oriented medical professionals with the newest and interactive methods, while guaranteeing a close interaction with the clinic and the research community.

The university was established after 14 years of fertile cooperation and experience with the University of Milan. The medical degree program at the university is being offered since 2003, the English medical degree program – for international students – since 2010. Currently approx. 500 students study at the research hospital – with a high percentage of international students.

In 2017, a new 20.000 m² large campus will be opened. All in all the property is 60.000 m² big.

The special feature of studying at the Humanitas University is that the university is closely working together with the Humanitas hospital, which has excellent appliances and facilities. By this, it is ensured that the degree program is closely connected to research, practical training and the healthcare system. The university supports the scientific consensus that patients can be treated better, if research is actively being conducted and when the respective centers have dedicated themselves to education and research.

Offering the best medical care means to attract talented researchers from all over the world, for the university. These goals are supported by the melding of the university and the hospital, because the facilities of the university are located in the hospital and therefore the complete studies are taking place in the Humanitas hospital. All professors and lecturers are working in the hospital themselves, so that the students will have direct contact to doctors, researchers and medical professionals. The hospital has already been honored by the „Joint Commission International“ for its clinical quality, and the Humanitas Research Center is the third most important one throughout Italy. The publications of the center belong to the 6% of most influential publications of the world (SIR Report 2013). Researchers from 15 different countries work at this center.

The Humanitas University aims at educating national and international students and to become an international reference for the training of doctors, nurses and researchers, who can keep up with the scientific, technological and social evolution in the future. Therefore the university has concentrated especially on the English degree programs during the last years.