The city of MilanThe second biggest city of Italy – Milan – has more than 1.3 million inhabitants and is the capital of the region Lombardy. Approx. 7.4 million people live in the entire metropolitan area. Milan has quickly become the leading cultural, media and fashion metropolis of Italy. It is the headquarters of the Italian stock exchange and most of all an important university city with eight universities! Each year, the city attracts – with many significant buildings like the World Cultural Heritage „Santa Maria delle Grazie“ (Dominican church) – several millions of tourists from all over the world. The famous landmark of Milan is the Milan Cathedral, nevertheless there are several other interesting sights in Milan, like the „Piazza del Duomo“ in front of the cathedral, the „Palazzo Reale“, the „San Siro“ and the „Parco Sempione“ (a 386.000 m² large park) in the middle of the city.

Milan is located at the southern foothills of the Alps, so that you can even see the Alps behind the Milanese skyline in the north, if the visibility conditions are good. You should not miss to see this picturesque scene at least once, if you are in Milan.

In Milan you will find several universities with especially many students from all over the world. This is not least because of the many fashion students, but also because of a large number of other students, like e.g. the medical students. It is no surprise that so many young people choose Milan as their destination for being educated, since Milan – as the second biggest city of Italy – offers everything a student might wish for: a great infrastructure, a well built out network of public transportation, many free time activities (also in the Alps) and countless possibilities in order to spend a nice evening with your fellow students. The university itself is located on the outskirts of the city, is accessible with public transport very well and is surrounded by a quiet neighborhood, so that you will have your peace while studying at the university.