The official language in Białystok is Polish. Nevertheless, you can get along with English in the daily life in Białystok very good. Many inhabitants speak English very well, so that there should not be any language barriers, until you mastered the local language. The study course will also take place in English.


Mobility is no problem in Białystok at all! The university is located in the city center, so that most ways can be easily walked. Apart from that, there is a well built out bus network, which you can use. This network not only covers the city, but also the suburbs and the surrounding region of Białystok. Students will certainly get a discount for tickets.


For students, who do not like to stay in the dormitory of the university, there is of course also the possibility to rent an own apartment or a room in the city center or in other parts of Białystok. We will be glad to help you with the apartment search and maybe we can also find roommates, among our other applicants for this university, for you.

Sports & recreation:

The university offers, with many establishments, several possibilities to do sports. Especially the faculty of sports science makes sure that you will keep fit. The faculty offers, among others, volleyball, basketball, soccer, athletic sports and swimming for students, at each day of the week. Beyond that, the city provides many possibilities to do indoor and outdoor sports. Here swimming pools, an ice rink, sports fields and miles long biking courses are available.

Going Out/Free time:

As a university town, Białystok provides a wide range of offers in numerous domains. Besides many different restaurants, and also a large number of bars, the city also has clubs, some modern cinemas and shopping centers. All in all there are 6 big and smaller shopping centers in Białystok. Thus, there are no boundaries to your leisure activities, so that you can enjoy the time alongside your studies to the fullest.