The Medical University of Varna, as a proof of its international cooperation spirit, holds international relationships with many universities and organisms. These are some of the institutions with which the University has signed agreements in matter of cooperation, research, continuing training exchange and other fields:

 Germany First Medical Clinic of Cardiology at the Academic Hospital
Free Universityof Berlin
University of Cologne
University of Hannover
Philipps University of Marburg
University of Leipzig
Protestant University of Applied Sciences of Berlin
 Austria  Danube University
 Belgium  University of Bruxelles
CASS Graduate School of International Management
University of Ghent
 China  Zhejiang Medical University
 Cyprus  Casa College, Nicosia
 Spain  CEU Cardenal Herrera University
 France  L’Universite d’Angers
National School of Public Health (ENSP)
 Greece  Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
 Holland  University of Maastricht
 Indonesia  University of Airlangga
 Italy  University of Messina
 Japan  Kanazawa University
Kyushu University
 Macedonia St. Kliment Ohridsk University of Bitola
 Nigeria State Sokoto
 United Kingdom University of Glamorgan, Wales
 Romania Ovidius University of Constanta
University of Medicine and Pharmacy Gr. T. Popa
 Russia First Moscow State Medical University I. M. Sechenov
Ural State Medical Academy
Chelyabinsk State Medical Academy
Voronezh State Medical Academy
Smolensk State Medical Academy
State University in Kursk
Samara Medical Institute REAVIZ
State Medical Academy I. I. Mechnikov – St. Petersburg
 Switzerland  Inselspital University Hospital of Bern
 Turkey  Trakya University
EGE University of Izmir
 Ukraine  University of Maastricht
 Holland  Bohomolski O. O. National Medical University